BLOGHow Much Do You Invest in a B2B Customer Experience Online?

25.11.2020 | Blog, Electricity Sales

We are on the verge of a new normal in B2B sales and customer service. I predict that COVID-19 will change the way how we meet and face our customers in the future.

Online customer meetings

It is important to reform our operations so that our customers will receive service through preferred channels. The experience gained by customers – the customer experience – is now formed in a new situation from other factors than physical encounters.

An interesting aspect is when people are needed in customer encounters. Would it be the case, then, that remote meetings are here to stay?

What interests the customer?

Our customers certainly expect good and high-quality service from us. If our basic service is good, we need to differentiate ourselves from our competitors by knowing our customers and providing them with content as well as a service that helps our customers succeed.

The question is, how do our customers benefit from our services? Will we continue to have something that our customers will benefit from?

Enerity™ Electricity trade

Enerity ™ Electricity trade
Enerity™ offers your customers new scenes for bid negotiations or follow-up meetings. In these B2B meetings, your customers receive good information about their own future status or realizations. In addition, the customer can independently monitor important information to him or her 24/7. At the same time, you can offer other value-added services.

What is the most significant about Enerity™, however, is that it offers an additional opportunity to interact with your customers. Through meetings, you receive important information customer satisfaction and future needs. Customer expertise can also be processed into euros.

the future of b2b sales environments

I believe that regardless of industry, we, sales managers must embrace the change that is facing us all. The most important things behind the customer experience have always been listening and understanding our customer. This has always been the secret of our success – and nothing will change about it, even though the meeting place has moved online.

Let’s meet in digital environments and invest in a top-notch B2B customer experience!


Markus Helva
Sales Manager Markus Helvasto