BLOGIn Collaboration with Our Customers Throughout the Product Life Cycle

22.9.2020 | Blog, Electricity Distribution

As a Product Manager, I am responsible for the product development of Enerity™ Electricity Grid. It is a pleasure to see how the new features and usability improvements developed with our customers diversify and facilitate the use of the solution for the entire user community.

At Enerity Solutions, we take our customers’ needs into account in the development of our products. New ideas and thoughts for taking the product forward come in sales situations, implementation projects, training and follow-up meetings. As regards the Electricity Grid solution, I am involved in all these situations and thus can hear the ideas concerning the solution from knowledgeable persons with different backgrounds and expertise. Really insightful and good suggestions can come either from those who see the solution for the first time or from those who have used it for a long time. In addition, we always think of new features and improvements ourselves.

We evaluate the development ideas together with our customers. Comments and thoughts are collected on ideas, upon which preliminary determinations are made. Based on these preliminary determinations, information is acquired about the customers’ interest in the various features. We have already produced numerous new features for the Enerity™ Electricity Grid through this process, In fact, we are currently working on the results of the spring product development ideas.

Our customer base has expanded rapidly, and many of our customers participate keenly in our product development processes. I am confident about the long-term and genuine customer need-based development of the solution. I am already looking forward to future development ideas. Nothing is as awesome as seeing the whole process all the way from a vague, emerging idea into the finalized and perfected feature.

Jaakko Timonen

Product Manager Jaakko Timonen