Our Customers

Enerity™ software solutions and services are used by dozens of electricity retailers, DSOs and energy and water utilities in Finland. Solutions are developed together with our customers and partners, based on the real customer needs. Read below what our customers say about us and our solutions.


Oomi Uses Enerity™ SaaS Solution for Electricity Pricing and Risk Management

“We wanted Enerity™ Electricity Trade -SaaS solution for electricity pricing and risk management. Our goal is to stand out from the competition with superior customer service experience and competitive prices. Electricity sales is a thin margin business where making a good profit is challenging and big losses can happen in an instant. That is why risk management in electricity sales and trading is at the heart of our operations.”

“It is important for us to choose the best partners for the various areas of our operations. Prior experience of the product and the expertise of Enerity Solutions’ employees weighed in the balance, when we chose the electricity sales and trading software for the new sales company,” says Electricity Trading Manager Marko Rinta-Korhonen.


Helen Manages Corporate Customers’ Electricity Products with Enerity™ 

“Helen is one of Finland’s largest companies offering electricity and new energy solutions. We are selling electricity to over 450 000 customers in Finland. Our customers will find the best options among our electricity products, and for corporate customers, electricity products are managed by Enerity™ Electricity Trade. We chose the market leader Enerity™ solution, which enables us to further develop our services and products,” says Jyrki Eurén, Head of B2B Business.

Helen Electricity Network Uses Enerity™ for Long-term Financial Planning

“The Enerity™ Electricity Grid solution has given us concrete benefits in the long-term economic planning. With the data and analytics it provides, we can continue to develop our business. This means even better service, new practices and reasonable electricity bills for our customers,” says Regulation Director Osmo Siirto.


Caruna Uses Enerity™ for Strategic Pricing, Business Monitoring and Planning

Caruna, one of the largest electricity distribution companies in Finland, chose Enerity™ Electricity Grid. Caruna uses Enerity™ for strategic pricing, business monitoring and planning. “We chose Enerity™, because we want to reduce, for instance, manual picking from customer and data information systems. In addition, different modelling is easier with Enerity™,” states Senior Revenue & Product Specialist Matti Halkilahti.

Tampereen Sähkölaitos

Enerity™ Assists Tampereen Sähkölaitos in Developing Future Energy Services

Tampereen Sähkölaitos Ltd uses Enerity™ to make quotations and contracts to its electricity sales customers. Hedging, managing the forecast of the requirement for GoOs, monitoring profitability and budgeting, for instance, are made based on the information obtained from the solution.

Thanks to the features and automation of the Enerity™ Electricity Trade solution, we are able to take on an even bigger role in our customers’ electricity purchase and offer them even better and more versatile services. Because the tool bends to many, it also supports our product development made together with our customers and our new energy solutions made for the future,” says Nina Mört-Happonen, Sales Development Manager.


Enerity™ Electricity Sales Retail Software Supports Ilmatar’s Business

Ilmatar chose Enerity™ Electricity Trade for its electricity sales. “We wanted quickly deployable, standardized electricity sales retail software that combines industry-leading expertise with a SaaS service model. The implementation was professional and on schedule. The main reason behind our choice was that Enerity Solutions is a long-term partner whose widely used Enerity™ Electricity Trade solution provides us with a comprehensive software that supports our business now and in the future,” states Head of Sales and Marketing Tapio Potila.

Lumme Energia

Enerity™ Helps Lumme Energia Provide Ecological Electricity

“We offer our customers a variety of eco-friendly electrical products, for instance, near-produced EKOenergy, which promotes environmental well-being. In addition, our electricity contracts support various environmental projects, such as the Viable Lake Salmon Project. Enerity™ Electricity Trade enables new kind of pricing and management of these products. It enables us to price all types of contracts and monitor the overall sales of green electricity, ” says Portfolio Manager Marko Pikkarainen.

“The importance of the green portfolio has grown. Enerity™ Electricity Trade is also a smarter solution for our customers as it supports better price and counterparty risk management and cost-effectiveness,” states Antti Tammi, Sales Development Manager. “We have expertise in many areas and it is important for us to be able to assist the customer in all aspects of energy. Enerity™ Electricity Trade solution helps us focus on serving our customers. ”

Fortum Power and Heat

Heat Fortum Power and Heat Uses Enerity™ Customer Services Reporting Solution to Serve Its Customers

Enerity Solutions has implemented a new, innovative service for Fortum Power and Heat, which has refined traditional online or paper reporting into a much customer-friendlier solution. Enerity Solutions’ customer reporting solution won Fortum the Finnish Energy Industries’ Customer Service Act of the Year award at the District Heating Days.

Kymenlaakson Sähkö

Enerity™ Electricity Trade Helps Kymenlaakson Sähkö Sell Electricity

”We offer a range of contract options for the management of electricity purchasing costs. Taking advantage of market fluctuations, the contracts we offer to our major customers now require a more varied set of features from our background systems. Enerity™ Electricity Trade was the best solution for meeting these requirements. We wanted an off-the-shelf product and chose Enerity™ because it has the quotation calculation and electricity portfolio management features that best serve the needs of our customers. The Enerity™ product’s extensive integration options also reduce the number of manual phases and we obtain more information on key risk factors related to electricity sales,” says Sales Manager Kari Halonen.