Our Customer Satisfaction Continues to Improve

14.12.2021 | Enerity Solutions, Top Stories

Our customer satisfaction improved again compared to the previous year and we received a commendable rating. We also asked how likely our customers would recommend our products and services to their colleagues (NPS, Net Promoter Score), which resulted in a great 77 this year, well above our over 50 target.

We conduct an annual customer satisfaction survey to find out how we can better serve our customers and identify potential areas for development. In addition to NPS, we measure customer satisfaction with our solutions, services (advisory and support services), and communication. To our delight, we can see that customer satisfaction increased in all these areas.

We collect customer service feedback throughout the year, based on which we could expect good results. However, it is great to receive confirmation that our work has succeeded, and we have been able to better serve our customers. We were praised especially for our cooperation and efficient and quick customer service. We have gone through all the feedback and gathered development targets, which we will take forward next year together with our customers.

Thanks to everyone who responded to the survey and provided feedback. It is important for the development of our services that we receive regular feedback. You can easily give feedback, for example, in connection with support requests.


Customer Satisfaction