Enerity™ Product in a Master’s Thesis Focusing on the Introduction of Power-based Distribution Pricing for DSOs

18.11.2020 | Electricity Distribution, Our Customers

The recently published master’s thesis for Nivos studies extensively on the reasons for the transition to power-based pricing and covers analyzes concerning its implementation from the distribution system operator’s perspective. In his work, Touko Mustonen creates a cost-based pricing based on demand charge with the help of the Enerity™ Electricity Grid solution. The effects of the new pricing on the company’s turnover and customers’ electricity distribution prices is studied, and the introduction of demand charge -based pricing is planned.

Mustonen commented on his dissertation and future plans as follows: “I received the topic for my master’s thesis from Nivos and it immediately seemed interesting. In the work, I was able to deal with the technical and economic aspects of electricity networks and the customer’s point of view. The Enerity™ Electricity Grid solution was a great help in modeling customer impact and the company’s turnover. After the work is completed, I will continue the topic, as the company’s next goal is to make demand charge tariffs available to its customers.”

“It is great that our Enerity™ Electricity Grid solution is also used in master’s thesis. Especially when moving towards demand charge -based pricing, impact assessment for business and customers is extremely important, as the changes can be large and surprising. The Enerity ™ Electricity Grid provides easy-to-use and accurate tools for these problems as well. The master’s thesis done for Nivos is a model example of the extensive utilization of our product and the benefits obtained from it,” comments Product Manager Jaakko Timonen.


Master's thesis
In his thesis Touko Mustonen studies on the reasons for the transition to power-based pricing and covers analyzes concerning its implementation.


Enerity™ Electricity Grid is a software product developed jointly by DSOs and an expert solution provider. The product is used to calculate distribution prices, manage strategic business planning and analyze a reasonable return. Enerity™ is the most popular solution used by DSOs in Finland: about 50 percent of the distributed electricity is priced with Enerity™. Compatibility with Datahub has been considered in the product development.

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