Enerity Solutions, a Partner of Ilmatar Windpower in Wind Electricity Sales

2.3.2020 | Electricity Sales, Our Customers

Ilmatar is a Finnish wind energy company that offers its customers ecologically sustainable wind electricity contracts. “Our goal is to help our customers take responsibility for the future and to provide everyone the opportunity to use clean energy as their source of electricity. By choosing wind power, our customers can reduce the carbon footprint of the globe. Together we are able to prevent the climate crisis,” says Tapio Potila, Head of Sales and Marketing at Ilmatar Windpower Plc.

Ilmatar chose Enerity™ Electricity Trade for its electricity sales. “We wanted quickly deployable, standardized electricity sales retail software that combines industry-leading expertise with a SaaS service model. The implementation was professional and on schedule. The main reason behind our choice was that Enerity Solutions is a long-term partner whose widely used Enerity™ Electricity Trade solution provides us with a comprehensive software that supports our business now and in the future,” states Potila.

“It is great to be working with Ilmatar to promote renewable and zero emission energy. We are delighted Ilmatar has chosen Enerity as its partner and its solution,” says Markus Helvasto, Sales Manager at Enerity Solutions.


wind turbine
Picture: Ilmatar


In addition to selling electricity to households and businesses, Ilmatar operates in every aspect of wind power. The company develops, finances, builds, and operates wind farms and develops the industry through major projects. Currently, Ilmatar is preparing for the construction of Finland’s largest wind farm. The company aims to build and operate 1,000 MW of generation capacity over the next five years, which corresponds approximately 4 percent of Finland’s electricity production.