At Järvi-Suomen Energia, Enerity™ is a Part of Daily Routines

11.5.2021 | Electricity Distribution, Our Customers

The day starts at Järvi-Suomen Energia. The computer is clicked on and different kind of programs are opened. Enerity™ Electricity Grid is part of this standard morning routine.

At Järvi-Suomen Energia, Enerity™ Electricity Grid is widely and comprehensively used. “Enerity™ Electricity Grid is a cost-effective data processing tool,” states Service Manager Antti Latsa. “Data can be viewed in many ways, including forecasts. You can create automated, standardized reporting with different reports or quickly retrieve answers to individual perspectives under review. Enerity™ is a fast and comprehensive tool with built-in intelligence that adds value to its user.”

“It is difficult to say, what is the most important benefit received from the solution, as there are many, according to Latsa. “The importance depends on what is acute at the time. For example, we have prepared for distribution pricing by investigating how different things affect our business and what distribution pricing models are not suitable for us at all. We really see how changes in distribution pricing look like to customers after the change phases and in different scenarios. With the solution, we have also been able to look at phenomena of the Covid era, such as changes in customer contract volumes and the decline or growth of user groups with increased cottage occupants. I think that in the future there will be an increasing need to identify and take such phenomena into account in business decisions.”

“It is important Enerity™ not only shows what has happened, but also predicts the future. If we make a new product type or new pricing, we will see the effects on the future as revenues and customer changes, for example. Making different future scenarios is also easy and effortless. It is a working solution; I have been very satisfied with Enerity™ Electricity Grid and I can recommend it,” says Latsa.


In a geographically challenging area, Järvi-Suomen Energia’s skillful professionals operate on land, in water and in the air, taking care of the electricity distribution of more than 100,000 households.


Järvi-Suomen Energia Ltd constructs, maintains and develops the power grid in the Lake Finland area. The company’s approximately 27,000-kilometer grid takes care of the electricity distribution of more than 100,000 households. In this challenging area for electricity distribution, there is 260 meters of line per customer. 50 million euros is invested in developing the grid each year, such as introducing better technology and improving construction and control practices, without, of course, forgetting the enhancements for weather-proof power grid. Järvi-Suomen Energia’s goal is to bring all customers within the scope of a secure electricity network by 2036.