Keuruun Sähkö Chose Enerity™: a Reliable and Comprehensive Software Solution

17.8.2021 | Electricity Distribution, Our Customers

Keuruun Sähkö uses Enerity™ Electricity Grid, for instance calculating distribution prices and choosing the best possible product for its customers. “We chose Enerity™ because we needed an off-the-shelf product that enables us to reliably manage the power products in the future,” says Network Engineer Sari Kolu from Keuruun Sähkö about the purchase decision.

“Enerity™ makes our work easier and clearer. Everything you need is now in one place and we get clear reports that can be used as such for reports to the board of directors,” states Kolu. Previously, all calculations were performed in several different Excels and separate templates were made for reporting. The solution also enabled the introduction of a new type of pricing: “Enerity™ allows us to calculate product prices more cost-effectively and target cost items to users of different sizes.”

Keuruun Sähkö was satisfied with the commissioning project. “The implementation went very well. The project was flexible and was done according to the customer’s needs and schedule. Enerity Solutions has a good know-how and an estimate of the workload required for projects. They know on what schedule it is possible to get everything ready,” Kolu recalls about the implementation project.


Keuruun Energia
Keuruun Energia wants to develop and invest in the future. Together with its partners the energy company has implemented several solutions that utilize better technology. In selecting a suitable distribution product, the parent company Keuruun Sähkö uses the Enerity™ Electricity Grid.


Keuruun Energia Group is a local multifunctional company in the energy sector operating in Central Finland. The Group’s operations are based on long-term partnerships and personal service, which includes power grid, electricity sales, electricity network construction, industrial maintenance and automation, and heating services. Keuruun Energia consists of the parent company Keuruun Sähkö Ltd., Keuruun Lämpövoima Ltd., and Radiki Ltd.

The Group’s goal is a climate-neutral Finland, where energy demand and production meet in a sustainable way. The goals are pursued through long-term and innovative energy solutions. With partners they have implemented several solutions that utilize better technology are already part of the daily lives of Keuruun Energia’s customers.