Koillis-Satakunnan Sähkö utilizes Enerity in pricing, tariff structure development and reporting

6.10.2020 | Electricity Distribution, Our Customers

Koillis-Satakunnan Sähkö aims to keep the pricing of electricity distribution moderate also in the future. In the coming strategy period, the company will utilize Enerity in pricing, tariff structure development and reporting.

With the help of Enerity™ software, we can price the tariff structure more efficiently and create a tariff structure that better supports our customers. It also enables us to offer even more diverse services to our customers,” says Matti Takamäki, Network Manager at Koillis-Satakunnan Sähkö, for the reasons behind the procurement decision.

“Enerity™ is really good in reporting,” continues Takamäki. “Thanks to the versatile search criteria, we can easily view, for example, the customer’s annual consumption report consisting of several PoDs, the peak power of an individual consumer or the power of each conversion circuit. There are so many search criteria in the solution that only your imagination is the limit when creating reports.”

The implementation project ended in June, so experience with Enerity™ has now been gained for a few months. Since high reasonable return is not a priory for Koillis-Satakunnan Sähkö, Business Monitoring and Business Planning modules have so far been underused. “As a local company, it is important for us to support the competitiveness and vitality of our region. Our intention is to introduce Enerity™ better before the next monitoring period, as it will support our strategy of moderate pricing,” says Takamäki about the future use of the software.


Underground cables
Koillis-Satakunnan Sähkö is constantly working to expand the weatherproof power grid. During the current year, almost 100 km of overhead lines will be replaced by underground cables. Picture: Koillis-Satakunnan Sähkö


Koillis-Satakunnan Sähkö Ltd sells and distributes electricity and related services. It is a responsible electricity company that serves its electricity sales customers throughout Finland and its electricity distribution customers in its power grid area, which extends to the territory of three provinces. The company employs about 50 skilled and service-minded professionals whose task is to guarantee delivery reliability, good service quality and customer-friendly prices. Koillis-Satakunnan Sähkö operates with respect and appreciation of Finnish nature. It has invested in renewable, clean energy produced locally in its own hydropower plants.