Kuopion Sähköverkko Uses Enerity™ in Strategic Business Planning

3.11.2020 | Electricity Distribution, Electricity Sales, Our Customers

Kuopion Sähköverkko utilizes Enerity™ in various ways in strategic business planning. However, the most important feature of the Enerity™ Electricity Grid solution for the company is pricing.

“We strive for long-term pricing and with Enerity™ we can easily make future pricing plans and related analysis,” states Mikko Vähäsaari, Project Engineer at Kuopion Sähköverkko. “With Enerity™, we can easily see how small price changes affect our customers or, for example, the company’s turnover. The pricing and analysis of future peak demand charges goes also fluently with the help of the solution,” Vähäsaari continues.

One of the reasons for introducing the solution was the desire to switch from the Energy Authority’s Excel to an automatic solution which handles the calculation of a reasonable return. “Enerity™ supports our efficient operating model, which allows us to guarantee competitive prices for our customers. In addition, Enerity™ has good reporting options, so we can focus on analyzing the figures instead of processing them.  With the help of Enerity™, you can also check the data accuracy of the other systems,” says Vähäsaari.


Kuopion Sähköverkko
 With Enerity™ Kuopion Sähköverkko can see how price changes affect customers or the turnover. The pricing and analysis of future peak demand charges goes also fluently.


Kuopion Sähköverkko is a 100 percent local, genuinely Kuopio-based company that is responsible for the maintenance and development of the Kuopio area power grid. The most important thing for Kuopion Sähköverkko is to keep the electricity on, regardless of the conditions or the season, so that its customers can live a normal, carefree everyday life. Thanks to underground cabling and backup connections, the electricity grid is almost uninterrupted and the length of power outages per customer is clearly below the Finnish average. Electricity distribution prices have also been clearly below average for the past decade, made possible by the company’s urban grid expertise and efficient operating model.