Enerity™ Online as a Part of Lumme Energia’s Energy Purchase Portal

18.8.2020 | Electricity Sales, Our Customers

Lumme Energia launched the Energy Purchase Portal in June. The implementation of the portal will diversify the comprehensive service offered to corporate customers. The use of the portal enables customers to manage and view effortlessly their energy purchase, energy efficiency, chosen electrical solutions and the other products that complement the service.

“We want to be more than just an electricity retailer for our customers, and cooperation with customers must be much more than just electricity purchase. The value experienced by the customer comes from the comprehensive long-term energy leadership we do in collaboration with our customers. Price optimization remains of course an important part of this collaboration. Enerity™ Online brings substantial added value to our customers, as it allows us to access the content of energy purchase much more actively,” says Janne Laine, Business Area Director.

“Enerity™ Online is a powerful tool. It makes it easy to chat with customers, wherever you and your customer are. When you open the software on a mobile phone or computer and contact the customer, it is really effortless to discuss the situation of the portfolio or acquisition nearly real time and thus be able to make the best decisions,” continues Portfolio Manager Marko Pikkarainen.


Online - whenever, wherever


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