Oomi Energia Recommends: “An Obvious Choice Right from the Beginning”

7.7.2021 | Electricity Sales, Our Customers

“Enerity™ Electricity Trade was an obvious choice for us from the very beginning, as there is no similar product on the market that would offer such extensive functionalities for sales management, and some of the partner companies were already familiar with the solution. It did not take long to make the decision,” says Electricity Trade Manager Marko Rinta-Korhonen at Oomi Energia.

In Oomi, Enerity™ is used e.g., for calculating customer-specific quotes and contract invoicing prices, managing portfolio management, modeling sales forecasts, and reporting to customers. “Enerity™ Electricity Trade makes our, users’ lives easier,” states Sales Portfolio Manager Ville Nieminen. “We can manage our entire contract process, from pricing to invoicing with Enerity™, because the solution integrates with other systems. With the help of Enerity™, for example, contract maintenance and portfolio management are easier.”

Oomi was founded by five partner companies, which in practice meant five different deployment projects. “Enerity Solutions Ltd has a good approach to deployments and system maintenance, so we recommend the company. Enerity™ Electricity Trade, on the other hand, is a versatile and suitably modulated product that offers solutions for different users, according to the user’s own needs,” says Rinta-Korhonen.


Oomi Energia
Oomi is one of Finland’s largest electricity sales companies and serves more than 400,000 customers today. (picture: Oomi Energia)



Oomi Energia was founded a year ago by Vantaa Energia, Lahti Energia, Pori Energia, Oulun Seudun Sähkö, and Oulun Sähkönmyynti and its shareholders. Behind the merger was a desire to join forces and develop something new that would allow companies to work together to make their customers ’daily lives easier.

Oomi values cheap prices, useful services, and people-oriented customer service. It is important for the company to provide the best customer experience in the industry, which means a significant investment in customer service in all customer encounters and in any task. Producing a good customer experience is joint responsibility of the entire personnel, and customer feedback is considered in all operations.