Parikkalan Valo Changed Its SMS Service to Enerity™ – Two Birds with One Stone

23.11.2021 | Our Customers

“We chose Enerity™ Customer Messaging service because it is widely used in Finland. We also knew that the Trimble connection was already in place with the Enerity™ systems. We wanted to update our outage map and get the SMS messages in order, so we killed two birds with one stone,” states Planning Manager Hannu Ahokas from Parikkalan Valo.

Parikkalan Valo uses Enerity™ Customer Messaging to communicate outages, both unexpected and planned outages. The company is satisfied with its acquisition decision. “Enerity™ Customer Messaging is more straightforward compared to the solution we used before. It is much more refined and already tested. We do not have to think about the implementation ourselves, since everything has been thought of in advance,” says Ahokas.

One of the most important features for Parikkalan Valo is Enerity’s transparency. “All logged information is displayed in the Enerity™, so we can see right away if the customer has a problem, and it is easier to find out what and where the problem is. We can help our customers better and faster. It is also positive that the messages to the customers can be sent from the same system, which streamlines and simplifies the process.”


Parikkalan Valo
Parikkalan Valo renewed its outage map and SMS service in the beginning of October. The energy company’s customers conveniently receive outage notifications via SMS and e-mail.


Parikkalan Valo was founded in 1936. The energy company originally operated in the Parikkala area, but it has expanded over the years and now extends to the territories of three provinces and five municipalities. The 2,700-kilometer electricity grid serves 10,000 customers locally, in addition to which Parikkalan Valo sells electricity throughout Finland.

For Parikkalan Valo, continuous development, green values, the locality of operations, and supporting the development of the area are important. The company has a wide range of individually designed electrical products, all of which can be produced entirely from renewable energy sources. For Parikkala Valo, pioneering means that the company wants to offer its customers the most advanced high-quality products and services – individually and smoothly.