The Popular Power Outage Map Was Renewed

19.5.2021 | Our Customers

Finnish Energy’s popular Power Outage Map got a new look when its structure, content and layout were renewed during this spring. The updates were implemented together with the service provider Enerity Solutions.

“The Power Outage Map has now moved into the new decade. Originally planned as a pilot service, the Power Outage Map has met expectations and become the most used online service of Finnish Energy during the five years,” states Director Kenneth Hänninen from Finnish Energy. “The map shows not only the variations in natural conditions, but also the work of DSOs in developing the grid. Parliament obliged DSOs reduce the number and duration of outages in 2013, and this has really happened,” says Hänninen.


On the front page of the Power Outage Map service, you can easily find current information e.g. on the number and location of households suffering outages.


The renewed map offers its users a more visually illustrative look. All information is packaged on the same page, and historical data can be viewed over a longer period. The number of non-electric customers at a given point in time can also be better investigated. Another significant change is that outages due to repairs and natural phenomena are shown separately on the map. Measured by the number of customers, the coverage of the service is almost 100 percent and there are only 10 small DSOs outside it.

The loyal user base of the Power Outage Map, which turned 5 at the turn of the year, has grown rapidly year by year. Last year, the service was used more than a million times and tens of thousands visit the site in just one hour during storms. The map is used by the media, individuals, authorities and DSOs. The needs of user groups vary slightly, but the ultimate reason for visiting the website is the same: to find information specifically about power outages in Finland.

You can admire the renewed Power Outage Map here.