The Popularity of the 5-year-old Power Outage Map Continues to Grow

26.1.2021 | Our Customers

The Power Outage Map service provided by Finnish Energy had its 5th anniversary at the turn of the year. The service shows the outages of Finnish electricity distribution companies on the same map and it is provided by Enerity Solutions.

Last year was in many ways a record year for the Power Outage Map. During the Aila storm in the autumn, the number of visitors rose again to more than 100,000, and in 2020 the service was used by more than 400,000 people interested in power outages. The number of users has grown rapidly over the last couple of years and last June the total number of visitors exceeded one million.


Customers without electricity during storm called Liisa on November 19, 2020 at 2:45 pm.


When the Power Outage Map was introduced, its purpose was to support the customer service of electricity grid companies and facilitate access to information. It was hoped that the Power Outage Map would be helpful for the media when reporting on outages. Indeed, the media today diligently uses the outage map: if you follow news covering storms, it is difficult not to hear the name of the service. In addition to the media, the service is used by both individuals and, for example, public authorities. The electricity distribution companies use the service to monitor the progress of the storm and assess its possible effects on electricity distribution in their area.

Director Kenneth Hänninen is responsible for the Power Outage Map at Finnish Energy. “The Power Outage Map immediately received great interest. Still, I am surprised by the increase in its popularity. The service has become an official truth, which is widely quoted,” says Hänninen.

The Power Outage Map is currently being developed and a new version is expected later this year. You can find The Power Outage Map here.