BLOGProcesses and Design – Project’s Full Score

1.7.2020 | Blog

We carry out about a dozen software implementation projects every year. In addition, we make dozens additional deliveries with our customers. Our project processes have been and will be developed with the best interests of our customers in mind.

During my five-year career at Enerity Solutions I have been involved in over 30 customer projects. While projects may vary widely in content and nature, it is equally important to all our clients that the project is clear and well-structured. Then everyone involved in the project knows what to expect, who is responsible for what, what happens next, and on what schedule. In addition, the timing of different project phases often depends on the end of the previous phase. Good planning, risk assessment and ensuring the timely availability of resources from the various parties play an important role, as they make a significant contribution to achieving the timetable. Thus, the project plan works in the project as a full score in the presentation of the composition – the processes and plan ensure the timeliness of the actions and keeping pace with the project.

We have a good and professional staff with several years of experience in projects. A well-implemented and well-managed customer project is a matter of honor for us. Our job is to do our best to make sure the process goes well, and the customer’s expectations are met. At the end of each project, we carry out a project feedback survey, which is considered when developing processes. In addition, we hold internal evaluation meetings where we review potential development needs.

Timo Tommila

Project Manager Timo Tommila