Electricity Trade Solution

Facilitate and Improve Electricity Sales in the Nordics

Benefits for Electricity Retailers

  • See volume and price risks in real-time
  • Manage B2B hedging portfolios effortlessly
  • Calculate an offer price based on customer-specific profiles
  • Easily create new, versatile sales products
  • Fetch the required information for offer calculation from the local datahub
  • Focus on your core business with off-the-shelf software

We are the market leader in software solutions for electricity sales and trading management.

We are experts in the electricity sales and trading – ask our customers or us. Over 15 certified power traders with several years of experience works at Enerity Solutions. Our expertise will make your business even more profitable with evolving and market-compliant software.


Electricity Retail Sales Software

Enerity™ Electricity Trade Product Picture


B2B and B2C Pricing Management

With Enerity™ Pricing functionalities you can offer tailor-made quotations to corporate customers and manage consumer product pricing. The sales products and pricing model are retailer specific. Quotations can be made to any Nordic price area and with any selected Nordic currency. GoO and el-certificate costs can be included to the quotations pricing model.

Portfolio Management

The Enerity™ Sales Portfolio Management product helps you to monitor and anticipate profile, volume and market price risks in electricity sales. With up-to-date portfolio reports the solution automatically updates margins and turnover in desired reporting level. Report calculations are based on the latest market information and hourly based consumption measurements in point of delivery level.

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Position Management

The position against the market is managed with Enerity™ Position Management product. Sales forecasts are updated in real time from Portfolio management, reducing the latency against the market. The open position can be hedged by standard electricity derivatives and over-the-counter products. Different hedging strategies can be modelled and monitored in the selected portfolio levels.

Risk Management

Companies take different approaches to risk management. Enerity™ Risk Management expands Position Management product’s functionalities with several reports and risk meters. Enerity™ Risk Management offers a flexible method of overall risk control. In addition to its own risk-management features, Enerity offers integration with the systems of all major risk-management partners, if required.

Online Customer Service

Customers want personalized services and seek to benefit from fluctuations in the electricity market. The Enerity™ product family includes a comprehensive range of products for interaction and reporting between the customer and the retailer, and standing out from your competitors by providing value-added services. No matter the time, you can, for example, increase the transparency of pricing and serve customers even better. Improve your customer satisfaction and get a solution that is endorsed by users and customers.

Data Warehouse and Analytics

When you have the data, you have the power. Enerity™ can be implemented with your reporting and analytics systems by simple and standardized interfaces.

Enerity™ Business Reports leverage your company’s existing data. For each user group, data is imported from diverse sources in an easily understandable format. This makes status reports available for the organisation with a minimal delay.