Online Services

Today’s customers want more information about their energy consumption. They also want to be able to view relevant information at any time best suited for them, for instance, outside working hours.

Do you want to digitalize and automate customer service processes and be able to serve larger number of customers? Check out our services below or contact our experts for further information.

Online Services


Enerity™ Online

Enerity ™ Online includes Offer Calculator, Customer Online and Customer Service Online. The Offer Calculator assists in sales automation. The Calculator is embedded in the company’s website and allows the customer to calculate the electricity offer without logging in. After accepting the offer, the customer will receive a contract confirmation by e-mail. Customer Online requires authentication and login. At any time, the customer can view their own contract and billing information and monitor consumption. With Customer Service Online a company representative can view and edit customer information and contracts. In addition, it can be used to implement and manage various campaigns.

Enerity™ Trade Online

Customers want personalized services and seek to benefit from fluctuations in the electricity market. The Enerity™ product family includes a comprehensive range of products for interaction and reporting between the customer and the retailer and standing out from your competitors by providing value-added services. No matter the time, you can, for example, increase the transparency of electricity pricing and serve customers even better. Improve your customer satisfaction and get a solution that is endorsed by users and customers.

Enerity™ Active Online

Enerity™ Active Online enables your customers to receive energy consumption reports via e-mail or text message. The service has received excellent feedback from users and end customers. The customer receives reports related to the energy use in an easy-to-adopt format. No usernames or passwords are required, so using the service is easy and erroftless.

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Enerity™ Customer Messaging

Enerity™ Customer Messaging is much more than just messaging. At its best, it’s great and fast customer service that improves customer satisfaction and increases customer loyalty. You can send messages anytime, anywhere. Even large groups of customers can easily access information of interest to them. All you need is an internet connection – not even that if your messages are automated.

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