Vantaan Energia Sähköverkot Ltd Chose Enerity™ – Includes Important New Features

8.9.2020 | Electricity Distribution, Our Customers

Enerity™ Electricity Grid is a software product developed jointly by electricity network companies and a solution software provider Enerity Solutions. The product is used to calculate distribution prices and plan business, as well as analyze a reasonable return. Enerity™ automates many steps in these operations by updating information from integrations with up-to-date contract and measurement data.

Vantaan Energia Sähköverkot Ltd chose the Enerity™ Electricity Grid solution because the company wanted to leave out self-made systems and implement a widely used, reliable off-the-shelf product. Vantaan Energia Sähköverkot uses Enerity™ for business planning, distribution pricing and related reporting.

“The Enerity™ Electricity Grid solution brought us many important new features. We have more time to analyze and find the best solutions for our customers instead of using time for maintaining calculations. Working hours are also saved since we receive automated reports when planning the business according to the regulation model,” says Development Manager Juho Paloposki from Vantaa Energia Sähköverkot Oy.

“Thanks to the solution, the allocation of distribution pricing to different products and components is partly automatic. In addition, we can analyze data on a customer-by-customer basis and see how price changes affect an individual customer. This is great, because we want to be responsible and treat all our customers fairly and equally,” Paloposki continues. “We expect that the strong expertise of Enerity Solutions will keep the solution at the forefront of the development and ready for the future changes in the industry.”

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Vantaan Energia Sähköverkot
Picture: Vantaan Energia Sähköverkot Ltd


Vantaan Energia Sähköverkot Ltd takes care that the electricity flows and Vantaa stay in motion. The company serves approximately 130,000 electricity network customers in the Vantaa area, to whom a total of 1,904 GWh of electricity was distributed last year. Already 90 percent of the 3,500-kilometer electricity distribution network runs underground, which has made it possible to reduce the average power outage time to just 3.5 minutes per customer. The electricity network is built and maintained together with partners to ensure that the network works around the clock, every day of the year.