Enerity™ Electricity Trade Assists VR Group in Purchasing Green Electricity

19.1.2021 | Electricity Sales, Our Customers

“With the Enerity™ Electricity Trade solution, we can hedge ourselves and do not need an external portfolio management service,” says Treasury Analyst Tuomas Saramäki from VR Group. “In addition, budgeting, accounting and reporting are handled quickly and easily.”

VR consumes approximately 700 GWh of electricity annually (annual report 2019). With the help of Enerity™, VR analyzes, for instance, the actual electricity consumption compared to the forecast, the degree and levels of hedging and the development of the market values. The company has been using Enerity™ Electricity Trade solution for more than three years. “We are able to utilize Enerity™ in many ways. Based on the gained experience, we believe that the solution is also suitable for other companies that buy and hedge electricity,” says Saramäki.

“We are pleased with Enerity™ and its functionalities. In practice, functionalities mean to us that we can operate independently,  flexibly, and with ease,” describes Saramäki. “The solution has reduced the workload required for the tasks, so a lot of time is saved. The reports from Enerity™ are used, for example, directly in our accounting and budgeting, so there is no longer a need for separate data collection.”


VR Group
95 percent of passenger trains already run on electricity produced from renewable energy.


VR Group is a responsible travel, logistics and maintenance service company that employs about 6 000 skilled professionals in various fields. The company’s goal is to support the smooth movement of everyday life and the competitiveness of industry, reduce traffic emissions and curb climate change. In its operations, VR strives for customer orientation, responsibility, efficiency, and environmental friendliness. Energy efficiency investments are used to reduce electricity consumption and achieve zero emissions. For example, 95 percent of passenger trains already run on renewable, hydroelectric power.


Enerity™ Electricity Trade solution

The Enerity™ Electricity Trade solution is suitable for large electricity users who want to actively manage price risk. You can see the price, forecast and realization of your electricity portfolio, investigate the development of market prices, success of hedging, or even trade directly with the OTC counterparty. In addition, you receive automated reports for a variety of different business needs, such as budgeting or accounting. Read more.